Maybe some of you are owners of a business or small business (MSME). Of course, you will do marketing for the products you offer so that your customers can see and then buy them. Marketing is currently also venturing into the digital world. One of them is by using the Facebook platform. Facebook is the most popular online platform in the world today. With the number of active users being 2.38 billion in 2019. For Indonesia alone, Facebook users have reached 120 million users. Of course, this can be used by business owners to take advantage of Facebook marketing for SMEs.

1 Facebook Marketing Tips for MSME Activists

1.1 Facebook Marketing Tips for Posting with Clear Intentions and Purpose
1.2 Scheduling Posts Using the Content Calendar
1.3 Facebook Marketing Tips for Optimizing Profile Pages
1.4 Facebook Marketing Tips to Create Interesting Content
1.5 Create a Facebook Group
1.6 Determining Group Names Well
1.7 Building a Community on Facebook
1.8 Get Active on Facebook Stories
1.9 Using Facebook as Customer Service
Facebook Marketing Tips for MSME Activists
Facebook Marketing Tips for Posting with Clear Intentions and Purpose
When you later make Facebook a platform for marketing activities, you must have clear goals and intentions about what you will post on Facebook. Your purpose in posting on Facebook is to help your consumers see your product and buy it. So, you also have to post something with full intention and effort. This is what encourages if R&D Directors Email Lists you do marketing activities on Facebook you can’t be careless because later it will have a high value. Compare if you post with no intention or carelessly then your consumers will not be interested in what you post.

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Scheduling Posts Using the Content Calendar

R&D Directors Email Lists

This content calendar is very important to help you smooth in doing Facebook Marketing. The reason is important because the content calendar will help you in managing the posting schedule of all marketing activities and promotions that you do. You can schedule all posts from the most urgent to the non-urgent ones. Later your posting schedule will be arranged quickly and can be used as a reminder for the next post. You need to know, content calendar is also not used to post products only, but you can include dates or holidays in your calendar as one of the content.

Facebook Marketing Tips Optimizing Profile Pages
On your business profile page on Facebook, there will be many sections that you can complete so that it will support marketing activities to run smoothly. When your business page is complete, it will look convincing when viewed by potential customers. You can also add some brief information about the business and the products you offer. And it can also be explained about the impact that you will give to society in general. Not only that, you also have to enter some information related to the reviews given by customers on the products you sell.

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