The first experience significantly increases the likelihood of purchasing a particular brand. In this article, I’ll explain what this term means, what the benefits of imprinting are, and how you can use it to create brand equity.When presented with packaged products in a new shopping environment, do consumers tend to keep buying the first brand they try? Researchers tried to gain insight into this during a test market situation. For 18 weeks, a group of consumers was asked to buy bread, crisps and toilet paper every week. It turned out that buying a brand in the first week has a major impact on subsequent purchases.UAE Phone Number

What is imprinting?

It was the beginning of winter in the year 2003. Above the Russian tundra floats a man in a hang glider, suspended in a harness. Behind him flies a UAE Phone Number small flock of Siberian cranes. They were well on their way in their migration from the Arctic Circle to the Caspian Sea, but they needed urgent help.

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The birds had been bred in captivity and had no idea how to get to their winter feeding area. The Italian aviator Angelo d’Arrigo showed them the way. How could the cranes follow him? Thanks to the principles of ‘imprinting’, which had been applied by scientists in the breeding center of the cranes.The most famous explanation of this term comes from Zoologist Konrad Lorenz in 1930: “Imprinting occurs when an animal attaches itself to the first thing it sees at birth”. Lorenz took a batch of goose eggs for his research. He hatched half of them through the mother goose and the other half through an incubator. At the incubator, Lorenz would be the first moving object the chicks would see.What happened next was striking: after the eggs hatch, the first group of chicks followed the mother goose, while the second group followed Lorenz (W. Sluckin, 2017).

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