It was the beginning of winter in the year 2003. Above the Russian tundra floats a man in a hang glider, suspended in a harness. Behind him flies a small flock of Siberian cranes. They were well on their way in their migration from the Arctic Circle to the Caspian Sea, but they needed urgent help The Italian aviator Angelo d’Arrigo showed them the way. How could the USA Phone Number cranes follow him?

Angelo d’Arrigo shows the way

The most famous explanation of this term comes from Zoologist Konrad Lorenz in 1930: “Imprinting occurs when an animal attaches itself to the first thing it sees at birth”. Lorenz took a batch of goose eggs for his research. He hatched half of them through the USA Phone Number mother goose and the other half through an incubator. At the incubator, Lorenz would be the first moving object the chicks would see.What happened next was striking: after the eggs hatch, the first group of chicks followed the mother goose, while the second group followed Lorenz (W. Sluckin, 2017).

USA Phone Number


After these insights, Lorenz continued the research USA Phone Number on children. The results were that parents instill behavior in children from birth. It even goes so far that relationships with brands and products are already being formed. Childhood is a critical period for this. For example, if parents always talk about a certain brand, an emotional bond with the brand is already formed in the children subconsciously (M. Hilali, 2020).

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