Are you curious about what the Reels will look like on the platform? Then take a look at the account of creator Kurt Tocci (and his cat), writer Andrea Gibson or of the couple Ling and Lamb . Since Facebook Reels was already available in the US (September 2021), these accounts were already able to get started. Two images from Facebook Reels. Source: Facebook . Possibilities for creators Along with launching Reels for Facebook, Meta has also added some new features for creators. They want to support the creation around new Reels, adding different options to Denmark Phone Number monetize your Reels.

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In the past year, Meta has already indicated that Denmark Phone Number it will invest 1 billion dollars in this. This applies to both Reels for Instagram and Facebook. In addition, they announce that there will be various options for placing banner and sticker advertisements. So also in that way they try to encourage makers to make more and high quality Reels for the platform. More tips Is making Reels still a far-from-your-bed show for you? Check out this handy tutorial from Pelpina Trip .

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What do you think, will Facebook Reels become Denmark Phone Number  as popular as Instagram? 5 steps to effective videos Once again, this proves: video is more relevant than ever. And with good videos you will be successful. But what are the basic principles of a good video? What should you pay attention to when making a video? And how do you get as many views, shares & interaction as possible? The Training Video content marketing answers all these questions. Wondering if it’s something for you?

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