Rules and advice are of little use in social networks that have unpredictable. Dynamics, like people. Santiago, chile.- social networks are a world. Facebook is a world. These two are the only truths. Everything else is lies. Every day is a new opportunity to explore them and the rules. That we have designed and spread, at times, seem like a great fallacy. Each account is different, each one has its own dynamics and until we understand that, our work in digital marketing. Will be cut short. More related notes: 70% of marketers will invest. More in social networks this 201570% of companies bet on advertising. On social networks viral: the photo that excited social. Networks do you think you know a human being.

Do You Think You Know the Human Being You.

Answer will most likely be negative. Ergo, you cannot ensure that you know your followers on social media either. Therefore, when they tell you that you only have to publish 3 times a day, do not believe it. If there is something interesting that you want to share, give it a go, without fear, share. You must be a friend, more than company; be sociable, rather than a promotional entity. If you have (we) told you that it is not good to Tonga B2B List be spontaneous, do not believe it. It is essential to be, in a context of respect, of course, but it is always good to make it clear that, behind a community manager.

There Is a Person Who While Representing a Company.

Tonga B2B List

Feels and thinks like other people. If you’ve heard that videos are more motivating than words. Doubt it. Sometimes, for your audience, a small reflection is more interesting. Than a video that will be difficult for them to open. Intelligent thought always comes. If you think that a digital strategy must be governed by certain universal rules. You are wrong. I insist, each person is different, as is each account. And each strategy. Flexibility is an absolutely fundamental condition when dealing with people.

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