Now, if you can accomplish this in a “snackable” size do so, but don’t be afraid to give them something they can really chew on! Promotional or Educational – A great content marketing extends beyond sales collateral and other product-specific info but… …offers the customer value. Remember that even you, as a content marketer, is also a consumer. You’ve probably purchased a thing or two online from brands – starting from small to well known ones. Think about the last time an ad engaged you — what made you pay attention to it? Possibly that there was a curiosity gap between what you knew and what you wanted to know. So you stay engaged long enough to find out the answer.

Determining which content type you want to create is just as important as defining your target audience. Now, I want to revisit “snackable” vs. “bitesize” content. Here are a couple examples of snackable sized content marketing: Video Player 00:00 00:25 This 60-second marketing LYFE Hack video can help small business owners focus on what’s important and spend time on what matters most. It also answers the pain point, “Is it really important to define your target audience? If so, why?” So put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Aren’t you tired of believing promises and making purchases only to find out later on that what they said were all untrue? When you become a credible source of information you’re gaining the loyalty and trust of your consumers. And your business is more likely to be discovered by the right people.

Engaging content is still king

Now, for bite-sized content marketing, a good example is this blog post here: The Importance of Social Media. Define Content Marketing Why is she useful? To the 16-year-old girl shopping at Forever 21. She becomes a living breathing style icon AKA an exemplary Belize phone numbers figure of how they should look when they leave their house in the morning. And how do they achieve this look? By shopping at Forever 21. Neither of these sources sold anything directly but rather positioned each organization as a thought leader and a source of information and… …inspiration in their perspective fields.

Belize Phone Numbers List
Belize Phone Numbers List

Either way, you experienced the power that content marketing holds! YAY! A few other examples of content marketing include: Blogging, case studies, eBooks, webinars, newsletters, forums, podcasts,… …templates, checklists, white papers, presentations, infographics, video content, etc., all of which can be made snackable or bite-sized. Another good example is this FREE digital marketing webinar on Tripling Sales Through… … Digital Marketing presented by our digital marketing guru Melody Hosler. OprahAgain, neither piece of content sold anything to you directly. But I’m sure you’re more interested in what we do as a company and feel inspired to… …peruse our website and read through our blogs. And who knows, you may also feel inspired to feel 21 again!

How to use your product way

This When You Define Content Marketing Something to remember, good content marketing is an investment! So it’s important you have a tool to measure your content marketing achievement through metrics. Did you know on average only 41% of small business owners are sure that their content marketing efforts work? That means there’s another 59% of small business owners who can’t truly gauge whether or not their marketing approach is effective. In terms of subject matter sometimes you have to tell a fresh story or offer a new perspective on who your company is and what they do. Don’t be afraid to get outside the box and maybe even a little…punny! Defining Content Marketing Take Church’s Chicken for example. In 2015 they sponsored a “drumming” competition and created a documentary on extreme drumming. That’s content that addressed their objectives as a business while simultaneously capturing their audience’s attention. Remember.

Such custom content can attract your target audience with close to laser-point accuracy – that’s pretty darn close! Without these KPIs and metrics, you’ll never be able to properly optimize your strategies, improve your buying cycle and get maximum results! But with creating relevant content and proper optimizations you can expect the following. Another useful stat to keep in mind is that 82% of people feel a positive connection to a company that uses content marketing! Typically, this results in 3X the leads for every marketing dollar spent. And these aren’t just any leads, they are quality leads – meaning people came in contact with content that solved their pain point specifically.

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