In addition, a community manager not only ensures connection, but also safety. Not all employees enjoy communicating, sharing knowledge and collaborating when all colleagues can watch, judge and sometimes even judge. Peter Haan already wrote about this in his blog ‘ Gated communities – when everything happens in closed communities on different platforms ‘. Hungary Phone Number 

As a connecting factor

But no matter how safe such a gated community feels. It contributes less to the overall sense of belonging in the organization, because it reaches a relatively small group. And we know that the more employees post and interact with each other and the larger the group reading this, the more connected there is. The community manager can guarantee and promote the feeling of safety among employees, so that they can also freely enter into discussions with each other and share stories and ideas in open groups.

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Internal community manager

Internal communities can offer a solution to the issue of connectedness in a hybrid situation. But only if there is also a community manager to guide the community. It is then necessary for the traditional community manager to act as a more strategic connector. Someone who not only takes care of the development within communities, but who creates relevant connections within, between and across communities. A role that monitors the connection at different levels and thus puts the added value of internal communities into practice.

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