Marketers often talk about the personalization of the customer journey . By approaching (potential) customers in a personal way, you increase the chance that the customer will choose your product and remain loyal to your company. But despite we Finland Phone Number know the positive effect of personalized communication from marketing, companies often overlook one target group: their own employees. Personalization is one of them. While marketers have long known how to use personalization to their advantage, employees often still receive standardized messages or emails.

Is communication important?

So everyone in the company gets the same information in the same way and at the same time. Is it relevant for everyone? Does not matter! At least they are informed. Not the best choice, now that everyone is talking about the ‘war of talent’. A situation in which it is important to bind your employees to the company by keeping them involved. So it’s time to Finland Phone Number apply well-functioning external marketing strategies internally!

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They are the people who make the product, guarantee the Finland Phone Number quality, provide the service, speak to customers and organize the administration of the company. They have the knowledge to do this. Employees who have been working for the same company for a long time are therefore very valuable. But in times of change (and every company undergoes change) and hybrid working, it can happen that employees no longer feel involved. If an employee can no longer identify with the company after the change, the chance of dismissal increases. Personalized (internal) communication can prevent this.

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