Your customers are only human and each has their own dreams and fears. Emotional needs are often more enduring than purchasing needs. The latter can change radically over time due to all kinds of factors. Storytelling can help you touch your customers emotionally. You show what your company stands for and that is a crucial element in Turkey Phone Number building a relationship with your customers. Do you remember this commercial?

Time to shift focus

Time to shift focus So it’s time to shift the Turkey Phone Number focus to content for existing customers. How can you answer their questions? And how do you ensure that they can use your product or service optimally, but above all with great ease? How do you connect them to your brand or company? And above all: how do you ensure that they feel seen.

Turkey Phone Number

Use loyalty content in the right way  Turkey Phone Number and customers will stay with you. Creating content is an art (anyone can learn) If you want to develop your content skills, the handy Content Creation Training from content specialist Vincent Mirck might be something for you. During the training, he deals with different content types such as blogs, vlogs, infographics, podcasts and webinars and teaches you how you can touch, entertain, surprise and captivate your existing and new customers with a good story.

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