That tens of thousands of years of Laos Email List evolution have created a brain made to interpret images and sounds almost instantaneously . But the same is not the case with symbols … like letters. Therefore, if we see Laos Email List an image of a shoe, the information about what we understand by it will reach our brain much faster than if we read the word “shoe”. Consequently, info graphics Laos Email List combine both types of information (with visual preponderance) to make it much easier and faster for us to manage, interpret and internalize some data or processes . They help to sell in any language There are many info graphics that hardly need some written information, so they can be used Laos Email List to sell in almost any language .

Andalusian (25%) spend the most money on their online purchases

In fact, it is much Laos Email List cheaper for websites that sell products in several countries and languages ​​to use the same info graphic and translate the few lines of text that have to do the same with an instruction manual. Laos Email List Also, the latter will not be as effective as info graphics. And if what worries you is both the process of creating and modifying the info graphics, you don’t have to worry. There are very Laos Email List different programs to make info graphics that you can help yourself with. They allow to simplify complex processes Do you think your products are too complex to Laos Email List explain their use through an info graphic?

Laos Email List

the study shows that we spend little, compared to consumers in other European countries analyzed

Well, it is precisely the Laos Email List relatively complex products that should be most helped by info graphics to explain how they work or how to use them. Keep in mind that for humans there is no easier way to learn to Laos Email List do something than to see someone else do it and try to imitate it . Either a drawing or a real person. So help yourself to the images so that your potential clients know, even before having the product in their hands, how to use it. Laos Email List They enrich the product sheet a lot As any self-respecting eCommerce agency would say , a well-made product file must contain the main benefits of the product, its technical characteristics Laos Email List, user ratings and all the visual support you can give it.

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