What would be an even stronger conversion point is that the visitor can reserve the product directly in the store if it is in stock. This type of conversion is even closer to the actual purchase. Google store visits Of course, Google does not sit still New Zealand Phone Number when it comes to these kinds of issues. Today, you can also see a conversion type in your Google Ads account that measures store visits. This means that you can see what led to this store visit at the campaign or keyword level. Through the WiFi signal in stores, GPS location data and search New Zealand Phone Number behavior in the search engine, Google is able to measure store visits after seeing an advertisement.

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Before Google can measure this, you must meet a few criteria. You must of course have physical locations, you need sufficient volume in New Zealand Phone Number impressions and clicks, a Google My Business is linked, stores have their own My Business account and location extensions must be linked to campaigns. E-mail Email can provide interesting insights regarding the relationship online compared to offline. Suppose someone buys a product in your store, you could choose, for example, to send the receipt digitally to an e-mail address.

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Techniques are possible to include a pixel in New Zealand Phone Number this newsletter. It shows whether the user has visited the website before the purchase. Talk to your customer One of the great advantages of a physical store is that you can talk to your customer. Register in your POS system how and why people have come to the store. talk to your customer What opportunities does the ROPO effect offer? As mentioned earlier in my article, it would be a shame if you only judge online campaigns on online results. For example, test to increase the amount of (purchased) traffic for certain products. What happens to the sales in the store next?

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