The need to brag about an emotional relationship on social media. Is sometimes related to its instability, according to studies. Santiago, chile.- every day there are new studies on human behavior. In social networks and the phenomenon of facebook -which has ceased. To be so- is a regular source of research that portrays users (well, all of us) in their entirety, according. To the attitudes we have online. One of these studies indicates that the more insecure we are about. Our relationship, the more we tend to publish photos and information about. The relationship, as a way to strengthen it in front of others.

And That’s Not All More-related Notes Alexia.

The terrifying obsession with an ex on facebook5 social media trends valentine’s must-have virals. It happens that many times, unconsciously or not, we try to shape our image according to. The Bolivia B2B List image that we believe others have of us. This also applies to relationships. It seems that having a good relationship not only brings happiness. To both, for love itself, but also constitutes a certain position, a certain status when. You have it and for that reason, it should be spread to the four winds. Now, if the relationship is not going very well, without thinking twice.

One of the Parties Is the One Who Feels That.

Bolivia B2B List

The other is failing tends to try to reinforce. It through that public image (and will surely receive several “likes”). Along with the above, three more studies were carried out in which it was concluded. That anxious people need greater visibility (of themselves and their partners. In the networks). On the contrary, those who are part of the “Avoidant” type have little desire. To expose their lives online. In any case, all research tends to show how people build an image for others. If you are interested in the topic in a deeper way.

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