During the 2008 presidential elections, analysts presented results. Showing how political ads could activate emotional. Springs in the unconscious through neuromarketing. Analyzing the responses of respondents connected to eeg and fmri. Machines, they found that political messages could be optimized to produce. A reaction in the minds of consumers and manage to direct the vote. The problem is that it is not possible to speak openly about this possibility, that neuromarketing. Serves to “Control the mind” but is it being done? The doubt has returned. After the recent elections in the united states, but no politician has admitted. To having used these techniques in his campaigns.

Darryl Howard Consultant to Two of the Republican Winners.

Of the last elections on november 2, assures that neuro-marketing. Messages for television spots, direct mail and senate speeches. “we have measured absolutely all the aspects, the arguments, the type of language. Used, the Switzerland Business Fax List images shown and the music. Analyzing all these factors we have been. Able to identify the specific data that can attract or provoke. The rejection of voters. In this sense, howard points out that the techniques. Used are non-invasive and include the analysis of the responses. Of the skin, the pupils or the muscles. For us, they are better methods than the classic machines because.

The Results Are Faster and They Can Be Done in the Initial.

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Stages of the campaign, so we also save time and money”. Experts and scholars of neuroscience and neuromarketing. Who have investigated the effects that advertising. Has on the human brain with the aim of being able to predict consumer behavior, have confirmed. The importance and existence of this collective consciousness, as a determining factor when identifying. Habits and new social trends. That said, do politicians resort to neuromarketing. To control the minds of voters?

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