Consumption habits. Digital video viewing in western Europe is becoming more and more common. However in the four main continental markets, Germany. In Spain, France, and Italy, there are notable differences in their consumption habits. Related notes: for the first time, internet access exceeds 100 minutes a day what . Interests consumers in cars connected to the internet.? Online shopping and home delivery services continue to gain ground according to marketer research. “western Europe digital video trends: north-south divide separates. The most digital from the most valuable”, the first difference between north and south. In terms of video, consumption relates to the influence of traditional tv.

In France and Germany Television Programming Is Still.

The most time-consuming of users and tv is still seen as. The main device for viewing videos. While in the case of Italy and Spain, despite the fact that television. Continues to be important when it comes to Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists consuming the screen., users are increasingly opting for digital platforms. In fact, an October 2014 study by the UK communications office. Found that Spanish and Italian users were more likely to access tv shows. Digitally, than german and french users. A difference that increases when it comes to films. Since in Spain they are accessed digitally in 70 percent of the cases and in Italy in 72 percent, while in Germany and France it is done in almost half of the cases. Quoted in both cases. Meanwhile. How consumers are viewing this content, that is.

Through What Devices Highlights the Pervasiveness of Mobile.

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Methods and particularly mobile phones in the south. While tablets are a popular way to consume video content. In western Europe, in the south, 68 percent use smartphones to watch videos. In Italy, 55 percent do so in Spain. The other way in which video consumption habits vary is between north and south. Is related to the type of content they are watching and, importantly, paying for. This is partially linked to screen preference as well as economic factors. In France and Germany, there is much greater willingness. To pay for professionally produced videos and then watch them in a tv environment. While in Spain and Italy the greatest limitations are economic and perhaps.The preference for consuming free content via mobile. This gives the industry a clue about the markets. Willing to pay for these services and products.

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