On the other hand, Real Madrid Namibia Email List tops the list of the most wanted sports teams in 2021 What happened last year in Google searches In 2020, the list of the most searched in Google Spain and in the world Namibia Email List was very different, with the pandemic as the protagonist: but during 2020 not only was the Namibia Email List corona virus talked about, but emotion, love, struggle and empathy achieved win a place in the ranking among the terms that were most important this 2020 in Google Spain. The most searched in Google Spain 2020: Namibia Email List general terms Of course, the most searched general term in Google Spain was “corona virus.

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But the topic of the elections in the United States also managed to generate a lot of interest, Namibia Email List with the second position among the most searched in Google Spain. Distance education gained special interest this year, and “Classroom”, Google’s distance education web Namibia Email List service, is ranked third among the most searched this year, with “La Liga” in fourth place. On the other hand, the sudden death of Kobe Bryant managed to shock Namibia Email List Spanish Internet users who tried to find out more about him in their Google searches. In addition, in Spain in 2020, education, cooking and tutorials to do practically any activity were very important, and Google Namibia Email List searches confirm this. Among the most sought-after recipes were.

Namibia Email List

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Homemade bread Namibia Email List sourdough churns 4) fresh yeast 5) homemade donuts 6) homemade cookies 7) egg custard 8) muffins 9) custard pastry cream Regarding education, in the most searched in Google Namibia Email List Spain in 2020 terms such as: 1) Classroom 2) Rules Live worksheets Snapper educamosclm Cellar Law Noodle centers Mantilla virtual classroom 9) virtual secretariat of educational centers 10) General Namibia Email List approval How, when and why among the most searched in Google Spain this 2020 Internet users had many doubts during this time of confinement and of course, many of them we have resolved in Google . Among Namibia Email List the main answers to our questions are: Personalities also had a special place this 2020 in the interest of Internet users in Spain. and for a sample this list with the most searched is enough.

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