It takes thinking and technical knowledge to realize the right strategy and an appropriate technological infrastructure to really use the power of first-party data. Even though most organizations have access to technology, they lack strategy and execution Austria Phone Number power. Adopting principles such as MarketingOPS, MachineLearningOPS and DataOPS certainly helps with this. ‘OPS’ is about flexible and scalable design by bringing components of lean, agile and scrum together. Also read: First party dates first! Answers to the most important questions Internal silos Another obstacle to using first-party data is internal silos. . I see in practice that organizations do not fully exploit the possibilities of first-party data in their marketing efforts.

Collecting data

data ends up in separate systems. They don’t make this available for wider use. Collecting customer data is not always easy. For B2B2C industries with historically little direct interaction with their customers, this is a challenge. Some industries, such as FMCG, automakers and insurers, will need to think creatively about how to build these valuable relationships. For example, by creating more contact moments by offering additional Austria Phone Number service. The approaching post-third-party cookie world will also affect the media landscape.

Austria Phone Number


This will put publishers with users behind a Austria Phone Number  (pay)wall in a strong position to offer valuable content and connect brands with customers within their own ‘walled gardens’. Walled gardens are platforms such as:, the Google network with apps like YouTube, and Chrome that people can access when logged in. In order to match your first-party customer identifiers with selling side platforms such as Google, Amazon and Marktplaats, you need to find ways to collect these identifiers in a secure way, so that privacy is not compromised.

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