Exceptions Art as a space with unclear boundaries and even more unclear criteria has always generated tensions and conflicts. Now that state funds have been added tensions have taken on clearer justifications. The State must move with the following general thoughts and directions First with the belief that people individuals make art. Neither the state nor the institutions. Secondly that if he can he should ease their financial obstacles by strengthening their efforts under the inviolable condition that they themselves participate. The State which precedes the private initiative and which exceeds the needs of the private artist or organizer turns him in essence into a public body and takes away from him the important motivation which constitutes the private part and the personal appeal and need.

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A work to be shown it must first have been done. That is why the State must strengthen initiatives that support the production of work and that Banner Design are an incentive for the birth of new photographs. Photographers need such targets. Fourth that the work needs an audience and it is sad that the audience for art photography consists of the circle of creators and their friends. The State must strengthen the efforts that will combine exhibitions publications and education. Indirect or direct. This is how the public will slowly be created. Fifth photo publications with noncommercial photos are doomed. The State must strengthen them because this is mainly how photography spreads. Exhibitions are forgotten. Versions remain. Finally and above all the State either through.

Banner Design

Government must understand

That photography as easy accessible and modern medium is an ideal tool for familiarizing students and adults with artistic creation. And to use it. A to Email Lead Emphasize in Closing My Remarks That Beyond. Any State Aid Photography Today in Greece. Is the Art That Has Made the Most Progress and That Has the Least to Envy From Abroad. Art Without Tradition in Our Country Has Acquired Many. Devoted Followers in Recent Years and Managed to Multiply Its Presence Rate and. Significantly Improve the Knowledge Field of Its Creators and Fans. Thoughts on Teaching Photography This Text Was Written in and Was Included in the. First Edition of My Book Published Under the Title Monologue on Photography.

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