The British government has promised to crack down on companies. They do not sponsor the Olympics but resort to ambush marketing. For their own benefit. Those companies that violate this regulation. Will face fines of 20,000 pounds for non-compliance. The measure covers activities related to advertising in the sky, flyers, posters, billboards, and advertising projected 200. Meters from any Olympic site. Merchants that offer, for example, a “gold medal menu”, or any other word. That is related to the games, will also be affected. Thus, words such as Olympic games, gold, silver, bronze, metal, 2012, and others are prohibited. When they are related to advertising campaigns. These regulations cover a large area of ​​London.

But Also Extend to the Outskirts to Places Such as.

Old Trafford, coventry stadium or the millennium stadium. “like many sporting events, the Olympics (and Paralympics) couldn’t go on without. Their sponsors, so it’s important to protect your investment,” said sports minister Hugh Robertson. The measure, however, does not reach private property or the UK BUSINESS FAX LIST use of protest slogans. In front of the venues of the games, as long as they are peaceful and do not. Seek an economic benefit for it. Luis bento, partner of, already described. This type of scenario is in which the “Techniques” of improper use of others. People’s distinctive signs for commercial purposes proliferate exponentially.

Beneyto Gave as an Example Some Cases Given in.


Past sporting events such as that of the company. Telecom new Zealand limited, which was sued for launching. An advertising campaign, facing the Olympic games. Of Atlanta 96, whose. Identifying signs consisted of the representation of the word. “Ring” five times, each one of them embodied in one of the five colors of the Olympic. Rings and with the same structure as the Olympic logo (three above and two below ). The final decision stated that an advertising campaign was based on composition. As an intention to convey to the public. The idea was that there was a sponsorship relationship between the defendant.

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