A system of specific metrics on aspects Barbados Email List such as loading speed or the fluidity of page performance. To help webmasters to improve in this regard, the internet giant has a wide catalog of tools, among which we find Google Page Speed ​​Insights . This very useful tool allows you to evaluate the time it takes to load the resources Barbados Email List of a web page and what elements may be delaying this process. Loading time is a determining factor in search engine positioning, which highlights the importance of this tool Barbados Email List However, the code base of Page Speed ​​Insights has not changed in the last 10 years, it is time for a redesign to such a widely used tool. Perhaps that is why the Barbados Email List internet giant announced this month on web.dev, its web development platform, an update for the tool.

Labels for desktop and mobile performance

Nosedives Page Speed Barbados Email List Insights With this well-deserved update, Google has also taken the opportunity to solve some problems on the interface presented by users, which could hinder their experience in Barbados Email List managing the reports made from this tool. In the same way, according to what was expressed by the company, this update has had the following three points as its main goals: Make the user interface more Barbados Email List intuitive by clearly differentiating between data derived from a synthetic environment and data collected from users in the field. Clearly communicate how the Core Web Vitals assessment is calculated Barbados Email List in the user interface. Modernize the appearance of PSI, taking advantage of Material Design.

Barbados Email List

Clear separation of field and laboratory data

Here are the fundamental Barbados Email List changes to the Page Speed ​​Insights user interface from this update, which has included the move to a new location: pagespeed.web.dev Core Web Vitals Assessment The Core Barbados Email List Web Vitals assessment result will have its own subsection and a distinctive icon for easier identification. It should be noted that this change does not affect in any way the evaluation process of the Core Web Vitals Barbados Email List, thus maintaining the aggregation mode that it had already been handling. Labels for desktop and mobile performance A cleaning and reordering has also been generated in the navigation bar, Barbados Email List where the navigation menu at the top has been modified, which means greater accessibility.

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