Have you realized that the global crisis of the 21st century, the one that is here to stay. Also did so to place us at a totally innovative starting point. In which with the same frequency that traditional paradigms collapse. Some new ones whose philosopher’s stone is the improvement of the human race? If we analyze the field of “Care of the planet”. We will realize how human beings are -of all the animal world- the most destructive. Harmful and with the least capacity for learning in global terms. It is very possible that the new paradigms consolidate. Current marketing and advertising. As indisputable channels of business and profit. Have their origin in psychology.

Human Behavior and Specifically the Brain.

Activity of people serves to establish social order, helps marketing. Optimizes advertising and promotes efficient association. In pursuit of the Austria Business Fax List generation of a production model based on horizontality. As the central axis for quality on the rise. Psychological theories of behavior diverge in many respects. But there is one central difference. There are eclectic currents that focus on the theoretical aspect of behavior. And there are psychoanalytic theories whose origin we owe to sigmund freud . Both, although divergent, have salvageable aspects that provide. Information to understand a little more about. What has been called consumer psychology. According to a group of swiss scientists, the human brain.

Would Have the Ability to Generate the Decision.

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10 seconds before the individual becomes aware of being before one. Having identified it and 5 seconds before choosing. The human brain would be capable of having opted for said choice.  New trends and strategies focused on the study of the point where the need originates. In order to be used as a source of information to achieve greater penetration of brands in the market. Could also be being wasted if they are not aware of a reality.

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