Connected brands and users in photography app share on Facebook. Share on Linkedin Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest 05/05/2015 digital . Marketing, media, Mexico was written by editorial table merca2.0 Mexico. Df- can you imagine that a brand used your photographs as part of their campaigns in exchange for a reward. This possibility is now a reality thanks to capptú, an application developed by Mexicans. Manuel Villegas and héctor león allow users to share images taken with their cell phones and give them a new value. This initiative contemplates three ways of operating. In explore mode. Users can comment, rate, and share photos they like

A Service Is Similar to Instagram Members of This New App Can.

Also, undertake missions in which other members request photos with specific themes. These images are put up for sale and the profits from the capture are divided equally. The author and the filmmakers of capptú. The payment method is through the pay play system. Undoubtedly, the Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists new and interesting format for brands is a campaign. Where different companies take advantage of the creativity of amateurs. Photographers to use their captures to publicize their products. As shown in his presentation video. Brands like sony and are already in this application that already has more than 4 thousand users.

Capture From Capture on Vimeo These Three Cryptocurrencies.

Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Apps were the ones that registered the greatest impact. In the super apps such as coin base etoro. And was announced in super bowl 2022 and gained a lot of popularity and downloads. Walmart withdraws from the argentine market after 27 years of operations in the country Walmart. Reported that its operations in Argentina will be until March. So there will be no more supermarkets with the name of the American chain. Does Microsoft sony war console. Microsoft or Sony? Who leads in the console war. The famous “Console war” has been a recurring theme in recent months. As both sony and Microsoft intend to cover the business.

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