In the marketing profession it is clear what personal communication means.  This does not (yet) happen in internal communication. Employees of a company are usuall regarded as one large target group. We assume that they all need the same information at the same time. Simply because they all have to be interested in the business running well, right? Nothing is less true. Employees do not automatically form one homogeneous target group just because they work for the same company.

How do you make internal

Think of change processes, the new strategy or the business results of the past quarter. It is still possible to tailor the internal communication to the Albania Phone Number arget group. Just like in external marketing, you can create personas to better understand your internal target audience(s). As with external communication, you do not only look at the demographic data (in the case of internal communication. for example, the department), but also at personal preferences, interests and motivations. If you know what motivates your employees to do their best at work every day, you can use it in your internal communication.

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2. Customize the message

Take into account different levels of knowledge and information needs of the subject you want to communicate. This is of course closely related to the personas, but also has to do with the different activities and involvement in your subject. For example, do you want to implement new software? Keep in mind that the departments that have to work with this on a daily basis need different information than someone who only works with it once every few weeks.

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