That’s not a reasonable expectation for a freelancer. But oftentimes, an agency can provide a faster turnaround. Pro: They’re Usually Extremely Flexible Need something over the weekend or on a holiday? Your employees may grumble or refuse to work. If you give a freelancer some notice, this normally isn’t an issue. The traditional 5-day workweek isn’t a thing for freelancers. Labor Day may just be another workday to them. Head this off, set a deadline that’s not down to the wire. Plan ahead. Give them ample time. Give yourself some wiggle room. Manage your expectations regarding anything you need quickly. They’ve already committed to complete something for another client? They may not be able to pick up another assignment that you must-have today.

Always talk to your freelancer regarding their flexibility. Don’t take advantage. They may have something planned just like the rest of us. But chances are they don’t work a traditional week anyway. There’s no reason not to ask nicely if needed. Are you thinking of hiring a freelance content marketing professional? As you can see there are some pros as well as cons. Maximizing the pros and minimizing the cons requires you to streamline how you hire and work with freelancers. Let’s go there next. They don’t have paid vacations. Because they work for themselves, they set their own hours. If they have to complete a big project over the weekend, they may be happy to take Monday off to avoid over-working themselves. If they need to work 70 hours one week, they may be willing to do it. They just balance it out the next week.

No Long-Term Commitment

Define the Scope Don’t try to hire a freelance content marketing professional until you have an idea about what you need. Steps to Hire a Freelance Content Marketing Professional Here’s what you need to know. 1. Get Referrals Start with referrals. Ask around. Have any of your colleagues or LinkedIn connections had good experiences in the freelance content marketing Philippines phone number department? Get recommendations. Ask about their experiences. But be mindful. Anyone and we mean anyone, can be a freelancer. A referral doesn’t always ensure the perfect fit. When possible, starting here will help you more quickly narrow down your list to find the perfect one for you. But you’ll still need to complete some screening to ensure they can handle the scope of your job.


Here are some points to help you out: What type of content do you need? Is it for a blog? A press release? Your landing page copy? Does he need to have a background with a specific niche? Say, for instance, a background in the accounting or real estate field? How much are you willing to pay? Some freelancers prefer to be paid per word or per article while others prefer an hourly basis. As we saw earlier, content marketing includes many facets. If you hire someone who is primarily a content marketing writer to distribute your content, you may not get the best results. You see, every writer is different. There’s a copywriter, journalist, technical writer, and blogger. So you need to determine what content do you want them to produce before even looking for someone to hire.

You May Pay More of Your Time

Will you be outsourcing all of your content marketing, or just one-off projects or campaigns? Research what people are paying. Look at the quality you can get for that price. In content marketing, quality is everything. Mediocre doesn’t get results. When we say quality, we’re not talking about whether there’s a typo. We’ll cover more of this later. Answering these questions will make your hiring process easier and faster as you know what to search for. Freelance is always project-based. That project needs to be clearly defined. You may modify it as you begin working with the perfect freelance content marketer. But have a solid idea about what you’re outsourcing before you begin your search. 3. Establish a Budget As we mentioned above, how much are you willing to spend?

They achieve measurable results, based on the scope of their work Set a reasonable budget based on what you need. Don’t fall for low ball offers. You’re not guaranteed quality by paying more. But you’ll very rarely get it when you’re going the cheap route. You’ll often spend more time editing and re-hiring than it’s worth. 4. Define Your Goals Set clear goals. Do you want more quality social media followers? You may need a content marketer to help you achieve that. That matters. But more importantly, quality is accomplished when the following are taking place: The person knows your branding inside and out and represents it well They know your audience They take time to research what’s out there and what’s working They apply comprehensive strategies They think globally. No piece of content is an island.

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