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and online advertising. Advertising on social media in the case of the club also included. Analysis of competitors and monitoring of growth. Which made it possible to achieve a stable standard of quality. Customer image The club was already quite well known and successful. Being one of the strongest (and perhaps the strongest) institutions in the city. Since 2017, when the club became our client, it has been using a variety of services, including social media advertising. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they (like many clubs) found themselves in a difficult position. Clipping Path Service The company had to adapt and look for ways to stay in the market without customers coming and not being able to attend their events. Switching to an online model was the only reliable way to survive. It was up to us to strategy and implement a smart and acceptable social media marketing plan.

Clipping Path Service

Because the Club Could Not Clipping Path Service Operate as Usual, They Wanted to Move

to an online model of their services and encourage digital participation by visitors. In the case of this club, the online model would consist of dancers’ performances and performances and various possibilities of online payment or streaming. In addition, the company had a goal to reach online visitors and viewers worldwide under these fighting circumstances. So we had the extra task of implementing advertising on social networks and the media – the goal of our experts was to turn these tasks into strategies effectively. Advertising on the Internet and Social Networks: Implementation advertising on social networks Promoguy The results show that the number of fans of the club has increased by more than 3,000 in 90 days The team used a variety of content to create stories on Instagram, posts on Facebook, and unique gifs. Thanks to a precisely coordinated schedule of online activity, the club has seen better engagement

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