If you really want to know how you’re doing on Instagram, you’ll need to keep an eye on your stats from time to time. Who Watch Your Stories? Are your Reels being kept? And how many accounts have you reached with your photo? I’ll show you how to get to your Insta stats, for Reels and Stories and posts! Statistics on posts New on Frankwatching The role of SpaceX & other big tech in a war 9:00 am 10 Effective Video Formats For Every Business Kazakhstan Phone Number  sat Don’t be sneaked up by sneak words fri Why you sometimes want more friction with UX and behavioral change fri What do we think about remote working? A dive into the numbers do As soon as you have posted a photo or a video on Instagram , you will see ‘view insights’ under your posted post.

Statistics at Stories

See the video above. This heading is of course Kazakhstan Phone Number only visible to the owner of the content. Here you can see how many accounts you have reached, what the interaction was and how many likes, comments and saves the post had. In addition, you also gain insight into how many people have started following you as a result of this post or have visited your profile. This can help you determine if the content of your posts is valuable to your followers. Statistics at Stories Did you know that you can also keep an eye on your statistics from your Stories? And can you see what your viewers ‘do’ with it for each story? To find out about your reach and interaction on a specific story, swipe up on the story.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

You will then see interaction such as shares Kazakhstan Phone Number and replies, and profile activity. But also whether your viewers clicked through to the next story, went to your possibly added link, or clicked away after watching your story. So extremely valuable, to determine whether your story content fits! Statistics at Reels As soon as you have posted a reel, you can see the ‘view insights’ heading below your posted reel. You will then end up on a page similar to statistics of posts. Here you will find out everything about your viewer: how many likes and plays this reel had on Instagram and Facebook , number of likes and comments, and also important: how many people have saved this reel to look back later.

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