The customer becomes a victim of his own data Spain WhatsApp Number List Where data was intendto make more customization possible. Trade in data has arisen that every party can use. Data has become so valuable that the customer is now a victim of his own data. This has gone so far that a concept such as “filter bubble”, placing a consumer in a Spain WhatsApp Number List certain group on the basis of available data, is becoming an important trend. The growing importance of data and its collection are now leading to actions under the guise of privacy.

To Very Undesirable Situations

It is understandable that the government Spain WhatsApp Number List have reacted impulsively to counter these developments. So also that everyone is suddenly talking about his “privacy”, the alleged protection of his own “I”. But those privacy-based responses don’t solve anything and turn out to be counterproductive.

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Manipulation Or Bubbles Can Play

The way in which the government Spain’s WhatsApp Number List thinks to protect privacy has long been outdate  online. It makes no sense to impose all kinds of requirements on whether or not data may be collecte. Personal data is distributed by consumers themselves in so many ways and in so many ways – consciously or unconsciously, via laptop, tablet, mobile phone or their own car.


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