A few months ago in this series I shared an interesting Greece WhatsApp Number List study by Socialinsider into which content ranks well on LinkedIn and what factors play into this. For example, it turned out that messages that do not contain a link score best on the platform. The researchers were curious whether this also applies to other social Greece WhatsApp Number List media platforms. With what type of content do you ensure a high engagement of your followers?

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Do messages without links score better on other Greece WhatsApp Number List platforms or is posting a link better for a high reach? Add link or not? To answer these questions, they recently delved into data from the popular platform Facebook. For the study, 51,054,216 Facebook messages from 172,338 company pages were analyzed. And guess what? Adding a link to your Facebook post cuts engagement in half. Engagement of your Facebook post when Greece WhatsApp Number List you add a link. What type of content scores well?

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Furthermore, it appears that of the types of Greece WhatsApp Number List f content, an album message scores best, regardless of whether it contains a link or not. Such an album post is a post with several photos. The Facebook post that works best: an album post. Post links in comments As with LinkedIn’s analysis, it also appears that the vast majority of companies at Facebook do not place links in the comments of a message.


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