A person has other properties, such as intelligence, creativity, Sweden WhatsApp Number List emotion. Feeling, subjectivity, own will, and the like, which are often ignore. That is why typing a customer base solely on (static) data is far too limit and dangerous. Yet that is what often happens in online marketing now, and not just in marketing. That data results in a too one-sided and too limited profile of the custome. Which can and will be use incorrectly.

 But Based On Available Data

As mentioned before, abuse and manipulation are Sweden WhatsApp Number List lurking. Due to such developments in the online marketing world, the customer is no longer king but becomes a victim of his own data. As long as tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook or Amazon, in particular, continue to use (limited) consumer profiles for more and more purposes, they will gain more and more influence over them.

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Come To Any Other Conclusion

We’re trapp in bubbles If techniques such Sweden WhatsApp Number List as artificial intelligence and algorithms are use more widely. Placing consumers in specific bubbles will only increase. For example, the consumer is caught in a bubble defined for him by a company and he often also pays for it, such as via so-called attractive subscriptions. Another Sweden WhatsApp Number List phenomenon is the concept of “free”. In exchange for your personal data, you will be offered certain services or products without payment.

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