In this way, users will be in constant Panama Email List contact with the language in a closer way , allowing them to improve their communication skills. In addition, this incorporation of native speakers allows adaptation Panama Email List to different accents or speech modes, which can facilitate the use of the language in different situations and environments. On the other hand, Twenix training is based on a rationalization model where, Panama Email List from the user’s bases, a personalized follow-up is carried out. In other words, based on the level of English and the training area that the user chooses, the classes that best suit their needs will be displayed. These classes have a 26-minute format and are given individually, ensuring complete Panama Email List dedication for each user during their class.

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This format of mini-courses, Panama Email List leaving aside traditional teaching and giving way to a more complete and appropriate training for the work environment. As explained by Jorge Moreno, CEO and co-founder of Twenix . “The era of ‘listen and repeat’ to put our English into practice is over. We are in a time where we seek to learn Panama Email List what we need (personalized) but in an enjoyable way (that we enjoy), and that is what Panama Email List we focus on at Twenix using technology and a first-rate Education team … We want to feel safe speaking in English with a client, making a presentation or speaking with a colleague from another Panama Email List country, and that cannot be solved with grammar, you need to speak to gain security and confidence in communication.

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If you have come this Panama Email List far it is because you are also in love with advertising, marketing, creativity and life within the digital environment and the internet. If you are an advertising and / or marketing student Panama Email List or are thinking of specializing, we will tell you what it is like to work in marketing for an agency, a new technology company or a large company and what you need to get there too. To explain it a little better, we have spoken Panama Email List with Curia Lara, Vicente Bela and Marta Vidal , workers who Panama Email List have recently started their working careers and tell us about their experience. On the other hand, we have also asked Laura Gallop.

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