Why It Seems To Be Better To Post Less Often On Social Media value content Although it is obvious, it is important to underline it. Not everything that may seem relevant to you will seem relevant to your target. Post only content that provides added value to your audience. That generates an interest and gives you certain information or generates fun. For this reason, it is important to focus only on important content and publish less frequently but boost quality. 3-4 times a week might be enough. However, it will depend on the social network and the sector. For example, in Instagram Stories we can publish more frequently because they are more ephemeral content and that is how the channel works.

The right moment Focus on publishing at the times when your target uses social networks most frequently (tools such as Facebook statistics (or others) tell you what these hours are) and. When they could be thinking about the service or product you offer . For example, if you have a restaurant . It is possible that a person is looking for a place to eat between 12-2pm. Authenticity Users increasingly value the authenticity and naturalness of brands. Show your brand in a transparent and natural way, without too many artifices. In addition, it will help you differentiate yourself and generate a more defined brand. It is very important to know in which social networks you should be It is very important to know in which social networks. You should be Prioritize to optimize There is no use registering on all social networks.

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which your target is to a greater extent and that Argentina Email Address your time allows you to manage them correctly. Other tips to improve your social media strategy Other tips to improve. Your social media strategy Promotes participation Boost user participation in. The content of your social channels. Facilitate interaction through gamification, incentives, questions and content that is of interest to them. Offer what they demand (analyze the publications that generate the most engagement). brand ambassadors Having several people, referents in your sector, who help spread your message, is a good marketing tactic. You will amplify the reach of the message and through the opinion of people with a respectable opinion and valued by the public. This will help you position yourself. bet on video Video is, without a doubt, one of the most viral and interactive content. Users

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create attractive videos, you will get your target to view them and you will reach a greater number of people. Collaborations with other brands Establishing synergies with other brands in your sector. Which are not direct competitors, will allow you to carry out more powerful marketing campaigns. Well, you will be reaching a potential audience that those brands already have and by joining forces you will multiply the results. For this, a good strategy is important and that all parties are involved. Be different and unique With so much competition in the market, and in social networks, it is essential to differentiate yourself in some way. Define your differential point and bet on it. Apps and tools to better manage social channels and increase efficiency Apps to better manage social

Why It Seems To Be Better To Post Less Often On Social Media

Let’s see some: Facebook scheduling and analytics features Scheduling publications is a good alternative when we are going to be on a trip or vacation. Just as if we want to publish, for example, certain content at 2:00 p.m. and at that time it would not be possible for us. On the other hand, analyzing is essential to improve results and check if we are on the right track. With the statistics you can analyze a multitude of parameters. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin… they also offer you statistics. Canva The best tool for those people who do not have great notions of graphic design. With it you can create a multitude of resources (Facebook posts, Instagram posts, A4 posters, business cards… almost anything). Hootsuite Now it allows you to schedule Instagram posts, a function that will surely come

You can also program the contents of other social networks such as Twitter. There are other equally interesting alternatives like Buffer.Unfollow This app, among other things, tells you which accounts you follow that don’t follow you back. In addition, you will be able to unfollow 50 in 50 accounts (with limits of 1h so that Instagram does not block you). Feedly Create lists of various topics in Feedly to filter. The contents of a multitude of web pages and thus you will have ideas and resources in a simple way. In short, do not publish so much and focus on improving the content so that it is more relevant. To this add the indicated tips and the results will come. And remember that at Pekecha we are passionate about social networks and helping you, that’s why we are here for anything you need

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