The user is always the starting point with this method. The goal of the empathy phase is that teams really empathize with the end-users and understand their wishes and motivations. During the test phase, the user again plays a major role. The feedback that comes from this forms the input for a second iteration. Post-its with ideas no longer stick to the wall. But the most promising ideas are worked out in sketch and scale models. This way they can be Japan Phone Number test quickly and it becomes clear whether the solution works or not.

The risks and costs are lower

Using prototypes and testing them, you quickly learn what works and what doesn’t. In addition, the chance of delivering a solution with a low adoption rate and customer satisfaction is limited.Certainly in the case of the implementation of a new internal system, a solution will only be successful if the employees of the company are behind it. The way to gain their support is to involve them in the idea generation process Because design thinking involves all stakeholders in the process from the start, you create support and reduce resistance to the change. A good example of real co-creation is the collaboration between KLM and TU Delft.

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Teams get more creative

Design thinking challenges you to let go of assumptions and to question them. This will certainly benefit professionals who have been around for some years and who have gained a lot of experience. Those people can be a little stuck. This creative method challenges everyone to think differently and good ideas always come from that. The creativity sparked in people by applying this method is essential for innovation.

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