In addition to providing a different experience for its users, it turns out that Twitter Spaces can also be used in business marketing strategies , you know. Neil Patel in his blog says that Twitter Spaces is another way to increase audience engagement as social media marketing .

So, what are the benefits of these Twitter Spaces? The following are some of the benefits of Twitter Spaces in a business.

  • Getting Feedback from Audience

The first benefit you can get from using Twitter Spaces in your business is that you can get feedback from your audience. Of course, the feedback given will feel different because the audience is free to convey their feedback on the product.

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To be more interesting and get more feedback, turn this feedback into a Question & Answer event . That way, the audience can ask questions and provide honest feedback on your business products. This method is also considered more effective than collecting feedback via email or other writing unilaterally.

  • The Benefits of Twitter Spaces Are New Product Promotion Media

By using Twitter Spaces in your business, you can promote new products to your audience more easily. In fact, it can be argued that promotion through Twitter Spaces cuts costs even more.

Well, through these Twitter Spaces IT Directors Managers Email Lists you can talk with the audience about this new product. Not only customers , but you can also reach out to non-customers to get to know your brand and products.

  • Building Brand Awareness

  • IT Directors Managers Email Lists

As we know, social media is a powerful tool to build brand awareness . Likewise with Twitter, you can build this brand awareness through the Spaces feature.

This brand awareness can be built by holding several events , such as small talk, discussions about your business industry, education and so on. Well, because you’re doing it online through Twitter Spaces, you don’t need to rent a space and run other procedures.


Twitter Spaces is the latest audio-based feature from Twitter. In addition, Twitter Spaces is a new solution in social media marketing for business people. The easy way to use it can make your business’s social media marketing strategy run smoothly.

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