He was a van driver, thanks x factor today he is a rock star who. Will surely be sponsored by simon cowell. England.- ben haenow is 29 years old and drives his own van, an honest occupation. But one that the young man “Didn’t want to do for the rest of my life.” that is why he appeared on one of the most recognized talent shows in the world, x-factor. Was selected and fought for months until this week he was the winner of the uk version. Conquering the island and an international audience that keep praising him. I invite you to know some of his talents. With a lot of nerves, haenow appeared before the x factor pre-selection jury in september. Performed bill withers’ “ain’t no sunshine” and moved even simon cowell himself.

Three Months Later She Is Crowned the Star of the Show.

Passion, talent and dedication are elements that are rewarded in these spaces. And that give us a clue as to how success is achieved in any activity. But especially in artistic disciplines. On the other hand, it shows us what the Partners Email Lists world wants to see and that is invaluable to the industry. Yes, because the public loves the stories of hard-working people (because it identifies them). The talent (they would like to have) and.

Admires Those Who Make an Effort to Achieve a Dream.

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Emotion, a bit of voyeurism and music are elements that people do not forget. To take into account. An emotional initial audition for x factor started it all. The final gala, where the jury makes comments such as “Sometimes good things happen to good people”. Or “I knew that tonight you would become a star”, while the new artist is moved and humbly receives the compliments. After the end result subscribe to the premium content of merca2.0 from madrid to mexico city.

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