It must always have a reading Haiti Email List order without breaks. On the other hand, if you already have your website with content, the next step will be to cure the content every several months. Curating web content Haiti Email List is remaking a text by researching new and potential words that make your article more relevant to search engines. UIX or how the user interacts with your website The UIX is nothing more than the experience that the Haiti Email List user has during their stay on your website . This is very important, because Haiti Email List if the web is attractive and has all the parts well designed, it will make the user feel comfortable and spend more time with us.

The Internet user, a key element in cyber security

Why is it important for the user to spend more time on your website Google, among all its Haiti Email List analyzes that it performs on the webs, has one that is very Haiti Email List important when it comes to generating online relevance, and that is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the average time that all users spend visiting our website. The lower this rate, the more time users spend on our website and therefore, the better consideration the search engines will have when it Haiti Email List comes to positioning us. Web structure In addition to having Haiti Email List a light content, a fast loading of all the elements, it is also very important that the structure is not uneven.

Haiti Email List

Why is my online advertising campaign not working

That everything is perfectly measured and each area has its “why” within the web. Another Haiti Email List aspect that you must take into account is to avoid Haiti Email List overloading your website , that is, its response time is higher than 1 second. This will be penalized by Google and its Core Vitals . Architecture for better SEO performance This may sound too technical, but it is nothing more than using logic when users browse your website . This is based on Haiti Email List screening users by zones on our website. For example, let’s imagine we Haiti Email List have a wine website, but not all of us like the same wines. They exist of diverse types: rosés, reds and whites.

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