Me for many years by consistently asking my opinion are very few. And I hope I’ve helped them bring out the best in them as photographers. But there are very good photographers who are my former students who show me their work only for selection for publication or exhibition. I appreciate them and they appreciate me but I don’t consider myself to be their coach. A former teacher and major influence of theirs of course I am. But they don’t feel the need to watch their work. But where things break down and I feel I confess very uncomfortable is when photographers who regularly engage me in criticizing their work have other coaches and I don’t mean friends and relatives but teachers and photographers with whom I and my views we have nothing in common.

Here I come to the crucial

Question How does one choose another judge For me only two reasons apply. Either you know him and appreciate him through lectures T-Shirt Design Service discussions seminars articles and books or you don’t know him but you know and appreciate his work. The second is not such a strong reason and usually ends in disappointments but nevertheless remains perfectly acceptable and reasonable. At least for the first time. But I Have Come to Hear From Sympathetic. Friends and Students of Mine That They Submitted. Their Work for Judgment to People Whose Work They Not Only Did Not Know but Not Even Their Names. How Should I Feel Long Before I Think About How I Should. React When They Show Me Their Work at the Same Time Please Note That in My Photographic. Life I Have Never Shown My Work Indiscriminately to Third Parties Nor Have I Accepted. To Be Such a Third Party.

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A critique counter

In dialogue with students and friends. In America years ago and I was still a beginner I met many wellknown photographers but I only showed Email Lead my work to Winogrand and a completely unknown to the general public but a remarkable young teacher whom I had appreciated. You will also have  and magazines I have never reviewed photography exhibitions and books. Criticism is a very serious matter for everyone and it is allowed to be done and then it has an effect only if there is a request acceptance appreciation and common ground. After all the purpose of criticism is not to collect positive judgments from the largest number of judges. Fortunately I would say there is one area where polls and votes do not fit and that is art.

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