How to configure your Christmas campaign on Senegal Email List Facebook and Instagram Ads 1.Choose conversions or traffic as your campaign objective The other options that Facebook Ads, from where you will also configure the ads on Instagram assuming that you have done the right thing and linked both networks, offers you they will not help you too much and they will complicate your life or make you spend money on what you must not. Christmas campaign on facebook and instagram ads objectives If you have activated and configured the Facebook pixel on your eCommerce website, the logical thing is to choose “conversions” since you will be able to know how much sales and income the campaign has generated for you.

Senegal Email List

Be careful , the attributions do not work as well as before, Facebook already warns you about Apple’s iOS devices and its policy . If you do not want to complicate your existence too much, your eCommerce is small and you have well controlled sales, with choosing “traffic” you have plenty. Be careful NO, I repeat NO, do “reach” or “brand recognition” campaigns if your intention is for people to click on your ads and buy from your eCommerce. Survival Guide for Facebook Business Suite 2. Don’t activate campaign budget optimization First of all, my advice is DO NOT turn on campaign budget optimization . Doing so gives Facebook’s algorithm control over which ad sets it will prioritize on each network.

Apple, Google and Amazon leave Parler

and that algorithm has biases that we will analyze later. facebook campaign budget optimization By default it is deactivated, but they put a highlighted text that tells you that you will get better results. That depends on what we mean by “results.” For Facebook good results = many clicks. It seems logical, doesn’t it? But what you want is sales. For that, clicks are needed, but also that the visits generated by those clicks are of sufficient quality, and there Facebook ignores it, because it is assumed that the design of your home page must be attractive enough to retain the visitor. What they don’t tell you, and I’ll tell you about it, is that Facebook generates far more clicks than Instagram, but of poorer quality,

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