Therefore, these keywords should Malaysia Email List be worked on in the product sheets and in the categories. Examples? Well, let’s continue with Pepito T-shirts. Keywords such as “original women’s t-shirts” or “original Malaysia Email List series t-shirts” should go to their respective categories. Thus, the user will see different options and choose the one that best suits him. These keywords must be incorporated Malaysia Email List into these category texts because they are not specific enough to go on a product page. However, other keywords such as “Homer Simpson t-shirt” should go in Malaysia Email List the product page that has the photo of this famous character. Why? Because it is clear that your search is much more specific and you are looking for a specific product.

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How to boost the local Malaysia Email List SEO of your physical store And what kind of keywords are left for the physical store? And, before that, where do I locate the information related to it? Ok, let’s go in parts. First: the keywords that you must incorporate are those that are linked to your area (for example: “original Madrid centro t-shirts”). Second Malaysia Email List: that information must be incorporated into a specific landing focused on providing information about your physical store. It will also be very important for your local SEO positioning that you Malaysia Email List work your Google My Business file thoroughly, incorporating all the data Malaysia Email List that the local user may need. A little map of Google Maps indicating the location or how to get there from, for example.

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The city center, it does not hurt either and it will come in handy for local positioning. Malaysia Email List But … what happens if T-Shirts Pepito has a store in Madrid, another in Seville and another in Valencia? Well, we recommend that each of these stores have its specific landing Malaysia Email List where you can work on your specific keywords , your Google My Business and (by the way!) Some very careful metadata in which you incorporate the keyword with its Malaysia Email List respective location. Good. You already have the basis to combine the SEO strategy Malaysia Email List of your e-commerce and that of your physical establishments . And if you already accompany it with a well-organized web structure, the almighty Google will pat you on the back.

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