We share three considerations small advertisers should have when working. With influencers to boost their presence in the marketplace. Mexico df-. To be a relevant brand with high recall rates, one of the most common techniques. In the digital field is to implement collaborations with users who have a certain. Level of influence in a certain segment of users. Related notes: influencers: who are they really? Are you a community manager?: 5 tasks that. You are surely forgetting to do the top 20 of the coolest brands that exist in this way. It is common to find brands that have influencers as allies. Considering that 60 percent of marketing and communication professionals. Invest in marketing influencers.

According to a Report Delivered by the Firm Augure.

Although this is not a new topic, it is true that for many small. Brands it is still an unknown topic, which is why we share three considerations. That these smaller advertisers should take into account when starting to COO Email List work with influencers. To boost their presence in the market:1.-roi that needs patience. Currently there are many channels that allow brands to see. The return on investment of their communication spending almost immediately. When working with influencers, it is necessary to understand that the benefits. That the brand will obtain will not be seen in the short term. By allying with this type of user, in the first instance.

The Aim Is to Consolidate the Brand’s Image Within.

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A defined consumer segment, so that the impact of the investment. On sales and profits will not be reflected until the medium term. 2.-size does not matter when. We think of influencers, it is likely that the first thing that comes. To mind is users with a large number of followers in all their social networks. However, it is possible to find influencers who. Although they have a small follower base.

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