Of course our colleagues indicated that they really enjoyed an extra day off during the week. Still, the benefits do not outweigh the sacrifices the system entails. We have not been able to find a better work-life balance. There were several reasons for this. For example, colleagues experienced more stress during their working days and they felt that they were no longer contributing to long-term goals. And communication between colleagues was more difficult because they were absent at different times. So for us the answer to the question is: no. We do not opt ​​for Germany Phone Number the four-day working week.

working week, or not?

We do opt for a flexible model. In that model we focus Germany Phone Numbers on awareness about taking sufficient vacation. Perhaps it is a better idea to take 2 times off on Friday every month, because it is possible and because you will appear more efficiently at the start afterwards. That’s why we have unlimited paid leave at BossData . We see it this way: the freedom to take time off should remain with the individual. As a company, your role is to be a facilitator.

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Would the 4-day working week suit your  Germany Phone Numberorganization? Work faster and smarter 4-day workweek or not, there are ways to work faster and smarter. If you want to create more overview and structure in your working day, so that you start and end your day a lot more relaxed, this handy refresher course might be something for you.

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