Mexico, df- can you imagine touring the city of Santiago de Chile in the south American country. And that at a specific point of your journey, information about las artillerists. A group of women who wove tapestries through which they documented.Acts of violence during the Pinochet regime. This possibility ceases to be to become a reality. Thanks to the women in the map geolocation application. , a service hosted on google’s field trip application. Related notes: a “Hidden” message in google maps in which android makes fun of apple. The google glass 2 would come out in 2016. Designed by the company that produces ray-banana. Application to find lost dogs in real-time from google and pedigree. This application has its origins in an investigation carried out by the spark movement.

A Group of Adolescent Activists in the United States.

Who detected that in that country. There are no official ephemeris related to women. And, of the 150 statues of heroes in new york city, only 5 are of women. The members of this group detected that a similar situation occurred with google doodles. , since between 2010 and 2013, only 17 percent of these already famous images honored. The history of women and their contributions to humanity. This is why they approached the digital communication giant and decided. To China WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists join them through their field trip app. which shows travelers interesting stories as soon as they approach a historic place. In this way, a woman on the map seeks to honor the lives of women.

Made History and Who Have Not Been Sufficiently Recognized by.

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Humanity, through this google “Mapping” application and the app available for android, sends a sound notification to your cell phone when you are near a place where a woman made history. Currently, the application is nourished by more than 100 stories of women from all over the world who have done something incredible. This system also motivates the collaboration of the citizens of the world. Through an email addressed to [email protected] and with the subject “women on the map” anyone can contribute a local story to this database.

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