International.- music is the universal language. The language that connects people. And people with codes that go directly to emotion, there is no doubt about that. But the mystery of how this language becomes widespread generally has to do with marketing. And the case of sister christina is worthy of study. She appeared on a talent show and blew up social media. She presented the single from her first album – an unusual choice: “like a virgin” by madonna- surprising. The world and for a month, her second single has begun to gain followers. More related notes. Sister christina, from nun to rock star italian nun impacts the world singing on tv. Viral: michael bublé and his musical marketing in the ny.

Subwaychristina Scuccia Is a Phenomenon at 26 Still a Nun.

She has become a rock star. It is true that she has talent. A great voice and a special charm that makes her stand out beyond her status as a religious. But behind her, there is an impressive marketing machine that has taken advantage of her characteristics. To transform her into an icon, both for the Albania B2B List catholic church (which in its acceptance. By this showbiz star takes advantage of generating sympathy and showing. A certain tolerance towards worldly events). As well as for ordinary people, who enjoy. The more secular side of the young sicilian. Clearly the idea of ​​presenting her album.

Madonna’s Emblematic Theme Was Great.

Albania B2B List

Kick for her career that continues to advance. But it does so gradually, which can mean two things. That sister christian will really dedicate herself to music in a professional. Without abandoning its religious roots (the current theme was made especially. For the album and is a tribute to god that has many views. But it is not the boom of the first single). Or it will be a comet that passed through the entertainment. World and shone a while. Either of the two options will have been possible. Thanks to globalization and, of course, marketing.

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