South Africa .- there are concepts that are difficult to combine such as. “Detergent” and “Fun” but the latest digital marketing activities carried out by skip believe otherwise. The new thing about this brand of detergent is interactive. And a music video with a lot of movement that encourages the internet user to interact in a very curious way. This two-minute-long video, then, allows the user to change the clothes. Of the dancing girls with a single click. Thus, in less than a second it is possible to go from clothes to underwear. To flowery dresses or a more casual outfit with jeans. At the same time, skip offers tips on how to get the most.

Efficiency Out of Every Wash the Objective of This Interactive.

E video, which is hosted on youtube, is to show the care that skips. Has any type of garment found in the closet. Behind this digital marketing, action is the advertising agency. London and the acclaimed director Luis cerveró (of blink productions). Responsible for video clips such as ‘Marilyn ‘ by the singer Pharrell Williams. As reported by the agency, advanced production techniques were. Used for the video, so that no post-production work was necessary. The Buy Ivory Coast WhatsApp Numbers precision had to be such that no difference could be seen in the movements. Of the dancers while they were changing clothes (nine costume changes in total).

The Upbeat Song in the Video Is Titled Tightrope.

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And is performed by Janelle monáe. Next, we present the making-of of skip’s dance, and, in this link, you will be able to see the result. These three cryptocurrency apps were the ones that registered the greatest impact in the super apps such as coin base, and the fix was announced in super bowl 2022 and gained a lot of popularity and downloads. Walmart withdraws from the argentine market after 27 years of operations in the country Walmart reported that its operations in Argentina will be until March, so there will be no more supermarkets with the name of the American chain.

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