We are beginning to see that many of these Turkey Email List technologies will materialize in the next five to ten years. Much of this will be mainstream and many of us will create and inhabit worlds that are as detailed and compelling as this one, on a daily basis . The company will separate its operating flows into two segments: Family of applications , with Facebook, the social network we have always known, being the main one, along with Instagram, Whats App, Messenger. Reality Labs, which covers its virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, in addition to other technological bets that are in evolution. In addition, during his presentation at the event, which you can see in the following video, Beiderbecke presented a new series of social concepts that will be present in the met averse.

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For example, when sending your holographic image to a concert, playing immersive games with friends and the new avatars able to focus the gaze “naturally”. Sometimes I think that those of us who are dedicated to the online marketing thing should, all of us, change our name. We should get Lourdes, regardless of our gender. Or if you are a big fan of the national thing, Cordovan. Or Montserrat. Lourdes Moroccan convinces me personally more, she has more punch . I say this because of our clients’ obsessive belief in our ability to work miracles. One of those fields where our hands are supposedly miraculous is that of online advertising. When asked why my online advertising campaign is not working, there are two answers: the easy one and the difficult one.

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The easy one: because your products are not sold. People don’t want them. Face it, you were wrong . Of products or of business. Do not ask us for miracles based on the fact that your products seem great to you, because to the rest of humanity a) they seem a horror Demo gorgon level , b) they seem very expensive or c) they are not interested in buying them. The three options are not mutually exclusive. In the jungle of commerce in general and eCommerce in particular, there is no room for mistakes. Nor, of course, for miracles. If this is the face that your potential client gets when they see your Japanese lucky kittens at € 50, you have a problem.

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