Objective recording which nevertheless does not cease to be the creation of the photographer it is determined by its everpresent direction. Can the photographer leave his material intact but move in position height shooting angle. He can exclude from his frame important elements for the perception of the event and overemphasize the unimportant ones. He can make the caress a threat the laugh a scream the day night and the sun a storm. But his photography will always be his opinion directed with his own method. It is enough to see once a stock photo with the multiple possibilities of choosing between similar shots of the same event to understand how misleading a photo can become. Or how real. In the sense that if there is a truth it emerges after leaving life.

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A person’s life can only emerge when death completes the cycle of that person’s life. When as Pasolini said death allows the definitive Philippines Photo Editor editing of a life. The photograph removed in time from its birth allows the study of the dead moment and the search for its truth. The photographer’s choice is the confession or the proof that the truth is composed of small truths. Except that it would be practically and logically impossible to collect all possible personal choices of truth for each particular moment. Can science come to terms with this perception I believe that if it does it will be great very great science. I therefore wonder if a historian could use poems or even music to support analyze and substantiate his views. Maybe he would if he wanted to make them more attractive and maybe less scientific.

Philippines Photo Editor

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Have obtained at least his first doctorate. Much the same I perceive to be the case with photographs. The Use of a Photograph Outside the Email Lead Abstract. Space That Belongs to It Always Requires. A Verbal Explanation a Caption. And the Photograph Does Nothing but Bring It to Life. In Fact a Photo Can Bring More Explanations to Life. Something That Advertisers Have Long Understood and Implemented. A Useless and Insignificant Photograph. That is a Photograph That Did Not Transform the Information Into Poetic Speech. Is Worth Only as Much as Its Explanation in the Last Analysis to the Extent. That We Give Credence to Its Explanation. The Use of Such a Photograph is Unnecessary Unless We Want to Dramatize the Explanation With the Risk of Course That the. Apparent Verisimilitude of the Photograph Suffocates the Truth of the Explanation.

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