Needed so that the photographer could reach the level of the heads of these giants. The four of them are actually on an airport runway divided in two lengthwise. The right side is for landing and the other for take off. To get a more accurate idea of ​​the size of these children note that a herd of cows had to be killed to make the sandals of the blonde on the runway in the center of the picture. The other little girl at the edge of the group leaning against the wall is having fun with the Eiffel Tower which she apparently stole. She tries to steady him on her skate. The wall behind her is of course much larger than it appears. It is impossible for a man of normal size to jump over him.

After all we do not see

Such for the simple reason that they are invisible to the naked eye. They are much smaller than ants. One has the impression of seeing Image Masking Service cobblestones to the right and left of the concrete pavement. They are actually cultivated fields hence their messy designs. The tufts of grass on the left side are certainly forests. Beyond the fields one can see two cities with building blocks arranged like a crossword puzzle. The town to the left of the airport is partially covered by the laughing girl. The one on the right looks better its central square can even be distinguished which from above looks like a small slab with a hole in the middle. It is as you understand a lake certainly as big as that of the Kerameikos garden in Paris.

Image Masking Service

How did these guys

Get to this impressive size The question may indeed be asked. Why Does the Older of the Little Girls Try. To Suffocate the Brunette Who Email Lead is Nevertheless So Cute. The Boy Doesn’t Think It’s Right and Tries to Release the Older Woman’s Hand but She Does It Shyly Softly. He Likes the Brunette but Nothing More. The Gruesome Sight Makes the Little Girl in the Sandals Laugh While Leaving. The Other Girl on the Skates Completely Unconcerned.  Mad Scientists in Some Underground Laboratory. One Can Notice That These Scientists Are Producing More Girls Than Boys. In Order to Speed Up the Propagation of This New Species. He May Also Notice That They Have an Obvious Preference for Fair Skin and Blonde Hair. And the Brunette Well This Proves That Even Wise Scientists Make Mistakes.

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