The Results Forks Over Knives didn’t start out as a business that can say Oprah loves it. They put the focus on creating and sharing high-quality, educational content. Their dedication has paid off. Forks Over Knives has seen their long-form blog posts go viral on Facebook again and again. One was shared 33,000 times. On Instagram alone, this meal planning company has over a half million followers. On YouTube, they now have 60,000 subscribers. In line with their commitment to user-generated content, it follows several families as they switch to a vegan diet. This company knows that the testimonials of the people who switched are more powerful than any sales pitch. This movie is on Netflix.

Simply Business – A Broad Approach to Targeting Simply Business was very recently a smaller UK insurance company just starting out. They were trying to find its place in the world. It’s now grown to a mid-size insurance company with offices in London and Boston. They have nearly 400 employees. It’s all thanks to having some of the best content marketing examples. As an insurance company, they could have written all day about insurance. And this is what most insurance companies do. How’s their website fairing with search engines? They have a DA (domain authority) of 64, which is impressive for such a niche site. That means that they can easily rank on page one in Google’s search results for almost any keyword they’d like to target. That’s quite a feat for a brand that didn’t exist less than 4 years ago.

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They don’t want to consider that they might get sued or something terrible could happen. They’d rather push away from their thoughts of a potential major data breach or other reasons a business may Sweden phone number need insurance. Simply Business took a different path that paid off. Targeting As sellers of business insurance, their target is business owners. They’re concerned about the various risks involved in running a business. But Simply Business thought beyond their own products to become a thought leader. They put their content marketing efforts into researching what businesses need. They’ve created a broader array of helpful information. Simply Business has some of the best content marketing examples because it’s different. Insurance is often something a person doesn’t want to think about.

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The Blog Simply Business has published thousands of high-quality articles over the past few years. Many of them aren’t what you’d expect from an insurance company. How to become a personal trainer Starting a retail business Small business guide to Google Analytics How to grow your following on Facebook Each article is well-researched and written as a complete guide for the topic. As they grow, they need more insurance. They played the long game and won. The Website Their content marketing strategy’s focal point is its blog. They focused narrowly on creating the absolute best blog they could. They likely saw the statistics. B2B companies who blog generate 67% more leads than non-bloggers. 57% of business decision-makers say they prefer to read a blog article to learn about a brand in lieu of a video. Let’s take a closer look at their blog. How do they use it?

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One might even question if this is a bad branding strategy. It’s generally not smart to cause ambiguity about your brand. But they expertly turn what seems like a mismatch of business blog topics into viable leads. This is where the story becomes one of the best content marketing examples we’ve seen. The blog is only at the top of its well-designed content marketing funnel. Lead Generation Most of the blogs are very thorough. It appears to truly value their small business owner. It offers valuable information. There’s very little about insurance in the blog. You’ll see an occasional topic covered. It blends in seamlessly with all of the other advice for startups. lead generation blogs.

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