In general, all your sales channels should work together and inform and support each other. For example, you can make the majority of your sales through your online store, but you can also perform flash sales through Instagram Stories to get rid of excess inventory. Or you can do a lot of sales through an online marketplace, as long as it’s linked to your online store so you can track and fulfill the orders. That is why it is essential to set up an online store as the control center of your company. Also read: Live shopping on social media: this is what you Taiwan Phone Number can expect 3. Be active and react quickly Your reputation stands or falls with good customer service and quick responses.

Be active and react quickly

Especially during busy periods it is important to be able to communicate directly with the customer. So make sure that the team behind the social media Taiwan Phone Number channels is large enough to handle all DMs and reactions (questions and complaints) properly and quickly. In this way, the customer can make optimal use of your service and does not drop out because there is no response for too long. A clear FAQ page can also be particularly valuable here.

Taiwan Phone Number

The visitor can possibly find all the desired Taiwan Phone Number information there. A good way to provide the customer with a quick response is to use a chatbot. He can answer the customer quickly with simple questions and, where necessary, transfer them to a customer service representative.  You also increase customer satisfaction, because customers can get a response faster and at any time of the day. The implementation of a chatbot does not have to be complicated at all. For example, Shopify merchants can use Instabot, the chatbot in the ecosystem.

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