Although Twitter does not achieve the figures Bermuda Email List that we can see on Instagram or TikTok , it is still one of the most influential social networks within the digital ecosystem. In this way, it has become the favorite place for users when it comes to discovering what is happening in the world or with their brands, or simply in a space where they Bermuda Email List can join the public conversation and express their opinions. Precisely based on this community interest, Twitter is an ideal place to connect with consumers and promote advertising Bermuda Email List campaigns. That said, the platform has compiled a series of agency campaigns on its blog Bermuda Email List, which the social network team considers to have been the most outstanding of the year.

This is the Christmas campaign of Toys’r’Us Spain that has become a viral phenomenon

Posing as a source of inspiration for next year’s Twitter Ads campaigns. The most inspiring Bermuda Email List agency campaigns on Twitter Ads of 2021 Spanish Association Against Cancer and Arena Media We started with a campaign related to health, and the only one highlighted by Bermuda Email List Twitter that corresponds to a Spanish brand. In conjunction with the Arena Media agency, the Spanish Association Against Cancer developed an awareness campaign on this Bermuda Email List disease. It sought to show the reality of those who have suffered or struggled with cancer and provide a space for those who want to tell their stories. Talking about a disease that is culturally associated Bermuda Email List with death can become difficult and become an additional burden for the sufferer.

Bermuda Email List

“What do children want for Christmas?”

For this reason, starting from Bermuda Email List the premise # Call it Cancer, the association opened a space to express themselves freely about it precisely during world cancer day. Using a Timeline Takeover model, Bermuda Email List that is, placing the ad at the beginning of the timelines as the first ad of the day, the campaign achieved an estimated 2.6 million impressions . They also used different tools, and even presented three different sets for the ads Bermuda Email List, in order to present a varied and complete campaign strategy, which Bermuda Email List resulted in an engagement rate of 1.60%, with the interaction of 42,454 users. in their tweets. Got milk?

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