Hi MUM! Another of Google’s Hong Kong Email List innovations for 2022 will be the MUM (Multitask United Model) mode, which will be able to interpret and understand what its users are looking for . This new processing Hong Kong Email List model surpasses the well-known BERT system, since it allows information to be understood in many ways: analyzing images, video and texts in order to offer a much more effective search Hong Kong Email List. The best example of this innovation was presented by Google itself: “Soon it will be possible to take a photo with your hiking boots and ask: Can you use them to walk on Mount Fuji?” On-page experience and Hong Kong Email List Core Web Vitals Google increasingly attaches more importance to the user experience.

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which has made it an essential SEO trend to take into account in any SEO audit . The latest Hong Kong Email List update of the algorithm is committed to the user experience of a website as a shortcut to position it. The key metric for marketers will be the presence of Core Web Vitals Hong Kong Email List , which measure the quality of a website based on the following parameters: LCP (Image Processing with Larger Content): Measure perception of loading speed and bet Hong Kong Email List on larger content takes less than 2.5 seconds to load. This factor enhances the user experience on the website. FID (first input delay): measures the user experience when Hong Kong Email List interacting with the page.

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The input delay must be less Hong Kong Email List than 100. CLS (Cumulative Layout Change): Measures visual stability through unexpected changes in the visible layout of the page, especially if it is below 0.1. Voice searches Hong Kong Email List will continue to grow According to surveys, 58% of consumers use voice searches through Google, Siri or Alexa to find information about local businesses and purchases on the Internet. Experts say that voice searches will come to dominate search engine queries in the future, a trend that will increase in 2022. The Hong Kong Email List video will be essential in the SEO strategy The popularity of the video Hong Kong Email List format through platforms such as YouTube or TikTok confirms the need to increase the visibility of your video content.

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