Air France joins the trend of creative safety instruction videos shared on Facebook. Share on Linkedin Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest 03/19/2015 digital marketing writing. By Oswaldo, there is a tendency for airlines to make their safe. Videos are less boring and at the same time gain virality on the internet. Now it was the turn of Air France. That shows instructions to passengers showing the elegance of french. Fashion and style. International.- there is a tendency for airlines to seek to make their security videos less boring. And at the same time gain virality on the internet. Now it was the turn of Air France that shows instructions to passengers. Showing the elegance of French fashion and style.

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Story from the hobbit3 surprising airline security videos. With hobbits and video of girls in bikinis firing guns put the Utah national guard. In trouble, we’ve previously seen safety videos break the Buy Qatar WhatsApp Numbers mold by showing instructions. With songs, children, or even characters from the hobbit. This trend tries to ensure that users do not ignore security measures. They must take in an emergency. The airlines that have made this type of video are delta airlines, air new Zealand. Virgin America, Solaris, among others. Now it is air France that has a video that bets on creativity. In the four.

The Minute Video We See a Group of Models Pretending.

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To be flight attendants indicating the instructions. In the product, the style of the presenters’ clothes stands out. Which alludes to the fact that France is one of the capitals of fashion and style.”It hurts me, and a lot”: Belinda’s phrase on social networks that has gone viral through. On social networks, the Mexican singer told her followers her state of mind. After her separation from Christian nodal. Jeff bezos jeff bezos reveals what your 80-year-old self will regret jeff Bezos. People’s biggest regrets appear in old age and he himself explains what they are.

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